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1. is the public website of Shenzhen Expressway Co., Ltd. The copyright and ownership of various software, application services, electronic documents and other related information provided on this website are reserved by Shenzhen Expressway. It is owned by a company limited by shares (hereinafter referred to as "Shenzhen Expressway"). Without the permission of Shenzhen Expressway, no enterprise, organization or individual may quote, copy or reprint in any form related service content of Shenzhen Expressway.

2. The copyright of all articles published on the Shenzhen Expressway website belongs to the original author of the article and Shenzhen Expressway. Without the permission of the original author or Shenzhen Expressway, no company, organization or individual may quote, copy or reprint the content of the article in any form.

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4. Without the user's permission, the Shenzhen Expressway website will not provide the user's name, address, e-mail address and other information to third parties, unless the laws, regulations and procedures of the country and the government require the Shenzhen Expressway Company website to provide corresponding information.

5. Shenzhen Expressway reserves the right to change and update relevant information without prior notice.

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